Interactive Forms

Why … forms? Forms are easy enough to create when they are simple, like search boxes. But what if you need them to be complex? How about changing the forms based on input by the viewer? This

Why interactive forms?

Forms are easy enough to create when they are simple,Interactive Forms Articles like
search boxes. But what if you need them to be complex? How
about changing the forms based on input by the viewer? This
is where interactive forms using Javascript and HTML can
help. I’ll use a simple example on how interactive forms can
be useful.

The problem

I am going to use a business project as an example to teach
interactive forms. Imagine that we are creating a ordering
system for flowers. We would like the customer to be able to
order a bouquet of flowers. The customer can choose to have
any number of flowers in the bouqet from 1 to 6. For each
flower, the customer can choose a type of flower, and there
are 3 different kinds of flowers. Now imagine all these
options as a regular form. There would be 18 options to
choose from, even if you only wanted one flower! This would
be ugly! In this tutorial we will learn how we can show and
hide form elements depending on the input by the customer.
Now let’s get started!

Creating the interactive form

We are going to create a page where you can enter the
information for ordering flowers. We’ve decided on having a
drop down menu to select the number of flowers, and then for
the number selected, display that number of options to
choose the type of flower. We’ll start by creating the HTML
forms. First we will write the html code for the form.

Number of Flowers

This will create a menu.

Next we need to create the form where the customer will
choose the type of flower they would like. We will let them
choose between a red rose, a white rose, and a yellow rose.
I am going to use radio buttons for the selection. Here is
the code:




For this tutorial, I assume you have a basic knowledge of
HTML. All of these pages still need mandatory tags, but I
left them out because of the size they would take up. Notice
how I made all the options the same name. This is so they
are grouped together, and only one option can be choosen.

This is what it will look like: 0 Red 0 White 0 Yellow

Duplicate this code 6 times, for each of the flower. But
every time you see “color1”, change that to a different name
so they are all seperate. I will use “color1”, “color2”,
“color3”, and so on.

Now we need to put all of this together into an ordering
form. But we need to add something so that the forms can
disappear. We will add

tags around each of the flower
type selection rows. Enter the following code around each of
the groups of options. Make sure that for each one, you
label the id tag for the
differently. For example, the
first group will start with
will start with
IMPORTANT. When we pass variables onto the script, the only
thing that should change between the name of the
should be the number. This is because we will use a loop to
go through all the numbers. We will pass through the name of
tags to the javascript script, and the script will
add the numbers.

Now we have each option groups surrounded by a
This will allow us to change their visibility with
javascript. I have put
tags around the options, and
added a submit button. Note: when adding
tags inside a
table, make sure they are contained within a cell.
Something like
< d>< r>< able>
will not work for the same reason that adding text outside
of cells inside a table doesn’t work. If the stuff
inside the
tag is showing up, tables may be your
problem. To fix this, either don’t use tables, or create an
entire seperate table for the information inside the

tag. Here is the code:

Flower Order Form

Select how many flowers you would like:

Number of Flowers

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Five Methods For Getting Into The Music Business That Lead To Failure

Learn how to break into the music industry by reading this…

Five Methods For Getting Into The Music Business That Lead To Failure

By Tom Hess

Ready to break into the music industry but unsure about what you need to do? Before you will become a highly successful professional musician,Five Methods For Getting Into The Music Business That Lead To Failure Articles you need to get rid of several false beliefs that will cause you to fail in your music career. With this in mind, you might be surprised to learn the following fact about how the music business really works:

Every year, thousands of highly-skilled musicians sent off their music to music companies worldwide. In many cases, the musicians who send their music in to people in the music business have spent years to become the best player on their instrument. However, this does not guarantee that they will get signed to any kind of recording deal. People who work for companies in the music business do not read (or sometimes even ‘open’) all the materials they are sent. This drives many musicians out of the music business entirely because they don’t understand why their musical talent hasn’t landed them a recording contract and become frustrated.

On the other hand, there are plenty of musicians who DO become successful in the music industry. Building a fulfilling and profitable music career is actually not as difficult as it may seem. However, the majority of musicians do not succeed because they believe in false ‘conventional wisdom’ about the music industry that ruins their chances of achieving their musical dreams. To break into the music industry and become successful, you must avoid the following music career building approaches that most people consider ‘common sense’:

1. ‘Playing It Safe’ By Working A Full Time Job And Doing Music On The Side

Most musicians think that the only way to break into the music industry is to work at a safe and secure job while pursuing music on the side. In many cases, they are lead to believe that they can only attempt to get into the music industry once they have saved up enough money (many years down the road). Unfortunately, when people use this approach they end up getting stuck working 40 hours per week and never find the time to work on music. After training many musicians around the world to succeed in the music industry, I have seen this happen countless times. The reality is, you only have a finite amount of energy to spend during your day. When you spend it primarily working at a job that is unrelated to music, you will not have any left to go toward making progress to become a successful professional musician. The worst part is, musicians who take this approach fail to become successful in music and feel a lot of regret and resentment later on in life. There is nothing worse than this.

To build a successful long-term career in the music industry, you make your music career your #1 focus and plan for it accordingly. If you work a lot of hours at your job and have little time to pursue your musical goals, there is a problem. In fact, many musicians have been in this same situation and gone on to become professional musicians. You too, can overcome this. The best way to break into the music industry while working a full time job is to create a backup plan centered around your main music career goals. This plan should gradually help you transition away from your job in a safe and secure manner while giving you more time to work on music AND keeping you financially stable along the way. Find out how to do this for yourself by watching this video about how to become a professional musician.

2. Modeling Your Music Career Based On The Advice Of Those Who Have Never Succeeded In The Music Business

While looking for ways to make it in the music industry, you have probably been given advice by friends, family and other people you know. Although most of these people have good intentions behind the advice they give you, their opinions about becoming successful in the music industry will often do much more harm than good since they have never really been successful professional musicians.

Consider this: Asking people for music career advice (when they have never actually succeeded in the music business) is like training for a marathon with a trainer who hasn’t run a mile in his life or asking your dentist for legal advice. Additionally, asking advice from musicians who attempted to succeed in music (and failed) is equally as dangerous for your music career. Although these people are perfectly willing to tell you how you should build your music career, they do not really have the authority to do so – they will only lead you down the same path they took (which ended in failure).

Truly successful musicians do not build their careers from the ‘conventional wisdom’ of people they know or amateur musicians who never made it. They work together with a mentor who has already achieved great success and can use his experience to help them effectively reach their music career goals.

3. Uploading Your Music To Different Websites Online To Earn Money And Get ‘Discovered’

One of the biggest questions musicians ask themselves when it comes to building a successful music career is “How do I get my music out there?” Most musicians believe that the answer to this question is uploading your songs to various websites online and waiting to ‘get discovered’ by new fans and people in the music industry. In reality, musicians who use this approach will only get their music heard by a handful of people at best (and NOT by the ‘right’ people who need to hear it) and will never earn a lot of money in the music industry. Here’s why:

· They do not know how to effectively promote their music.

· They don’t already have a massive following of fans who are ready to buy their music as soon as it is released.

· There is no strategy behind what they are doing. They don’t know how to gain new fans or turn their current fans into people who will spread their music to others through word of mouth.

· They have no strategy for making a living through music using many different streams of income at once.

Musicians who achieve the greatest success in their music careers do NOT merely upload their music online and wait around to get discovered. They create a strategy for working toward their musical goals while raising their personal value in the eyes of other in the music industry (by expanding their fan base and building other important music business skills). After doing this, they simply approach the companies they want to do business with and negotiate a partnership that will bring the most benefit to both sides of the deal. Learn more about how to get a record deal.

4. Thinking That A Degree In Music Will Help You Become Successful In The Music Business

Many musicians think that going to university to get a degree in music is a great way to break into the music industry. In reality, going to university for music may increase your musical knowledge, but it will NOT guarantee your success as a professional musician. Here’s why:

a) Most music courses do not cover the specific topic of ‘how to build a music career’. Even if you take classes about music business, they will only present you with a general model of how the music business works. They will NOT show you exactly how to build a successful career for yourself (by keeping your personal goals in mind). In fact, there are tons of musicians who graduate from big music universities only to realize that they are still clueless when it comes to actually earning a living through music. If you go to university with the intention of getting into the music business with a degree, you will ‘at best’ learn a lot about music – but end up back at square one in terms of building a music career. At worst, you will also have enormous amounts of fees and debts to pay back.

b) The overwhelming majority of musicians and music companies will never ask you if you have a music degree or not… because they don’t care. Instead, they want to see that you can help them build their own music careers and offer them the resources to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently (note: this goes way beyond simply being able to play your instrument). See how valuable you are to successful musicians and companies in the music industry by completing this free assessment about what the music industry is looking for.

The truth is, most musicians who have built success

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Top Ten Reasons to get Satellite Radio

Over the years we’ve seen all areas of … change and improve in many ways. We’ve seen more and more channels appear on … … we’ve seen the … of CDs and DVDs, and n

Over the years we’ve seen all areas of entertainment change and improve in many ways. We’ve seen more and more channels appear on satellite television,Top Ten Reasons to get Satellite Radio Articles we’ve seen the appearance of CDs and DVDs, and now we have access to satellite radio to complement our AM/FM service. Satellite radio is available through two providers, Sirius and XM, both of which offer a range of subscription packages and programming choice.

Satellite radio is becoming more and more popular, both with discerning listeners that want more choice and better quality, and with those that have had to put up with a lot of static in the past and are unable to get a clear reception on AM/FM radio. You can get some really affordable deals on satellite radio these days, so enjoying crystal clear, uninterrupted, diverse entertainment has never been easier. You can get satellite radio installation for your car or your home, and by making some comparisons you can enjoy some excellent deals on satellite radio accessories. You will need a satellite radio antenna and a satellite radio receiver in order to enjoy this service, but again you get some excellent deals and offers when you go online.

There are many reasons why satellite radio is becoming more and more popular, and between them Sirius and XM already have around three million subscribers. So, why would you want to get satellite radio and pay a monthly subscription when you can get AM/FM radio for free? You’ll find a selection of the most popular reasons for satellite radio purchase listed below:

Reasons for choosing satellite radio

More choice: satellite radio from Sirius or XM offers an incredible choice of channels. You can enjoy over one hundred channels of pure entertainment from these satellite radio providers, including music, sports, talk radio, news channels, and more. The choice of channels means that you can enjoy a wide range of niche programming as well, so whatever your taste or need you are almost certain to find something well suited to your requirements with satellite radio.

Excellent quality: With satellite radio you can enjoy CD quality in radio format. The digital quality of satellite radio means that you can enjoy the vast range of entertainment with crystal clear sound quality. You won’t have to put up with static and fading reception any longer, as is often the case with AM/FM radio. With satellite radio you can enjoy pure, high definition digital sound to accompany the wide choice of quality entertainment.

Commercial-free channels: Unlike AM/FM radio, satellite radio offers some commercial-free channels, so you no longer have to put up with constant interruptions to your favourite music or show. With satellite radio, you can enjoy back to back entertainment without commercials and chat to interrupt the flow and entertainment value.

Wider accessibility: Many of us take radio accessibility for granted, but not everyone can gain proper access to AM/FM radio. For example, those living in more rural areas may simply end up hearing static most of the time. Since satellite radio is available all over the Continental United States, this means that even those in normally hard to reach areas can enjoy satellite entertainment and clear, defined, digital sound.

Choice of subscriptions: There are currently two main players in the satellite radio field, and these are Sirius and XM. With both of these satellite radio providers you can enjoy a wide choice of subscription packages, so whatever your budget you should be able to find the perfect deal enabling you to enjoy high definition digital radio at an affordable price. You can enjoy paying on a monthly, annual, two yearly, three yearly, four yearly, or five yearly basis with XM. And with Sirius you can pay on a monthly basis, annually, two yearly or you can even buy a lifetime subscription.

Multi location listening: With satellite radio you can listen to your favourite music and shows in more than one location, which means that you can quickly switch the satellite service from your car stereo to your home entertainment system. You will still pay just one satellite radio subscription fee – all you will need to do is buy a portable satellite receiver.

Easier entertainment access: With satellite radio you no longer have to worry about downloading songs and carrying around a whole stack of CDs in order to enjoy some entertainment when you are traveling – or even when you are at home. With so many channels and so much quality entertainment to choose from you will never be short of something to listen to and enjoy. Plus, you will still have access to your AM/FM radio service, so you won’t have to make any sacrifices in order to enjoy the high definition entertainment provided by satellite radio.

Impressive features: With satellite radio you can enjoy a range of impressive features and additional benefits that will make listening to the radio all the more enjoyable, and will offer even more choice. You can get parental block controls in order to allow parents to stop their kids from listening to explicit programming. You can also enjoy receiving music track information with digital radio, so you can instantly find out details about which artist or song is playing. This information is actually displayed via satellite transmission on the actual controller.

Unique programming: With satellite radio you can enjoy access to programming that is not available on regular AM/FM radio. For example, due to the lack of FCC regulations you can access racier or more controversial content, which on AM/FM radio may be prohibited. The child control features ensure that this content is only accessed by the person in control of the satellite radio and not by the kids or any other unauthorized listener. Satellite radio also offers some exclusive interviews with celebrities, so you could find yourself listening to an exclusive in-studio interview with your favorite star.

Perfect for driving: One pet peeve with many drivers is that when they are listening to the radio, the signal fades intermittently as they drive to and from different areas. This means that whether you are listening to your favorite show or your favorite music, you can lose the signal. You then have to spend time looking for an alternative channel – which can be difficult and even dangerous when you are driving. With satellite radio, you can enjoy uninterrupted, crystal clear sound without loss of signal and without the need to keep changing channels.

Satellite radio: the affordable choice of the next generation

Just as the kids of today don’t remember life without CD players and satellite television, the new generation will become totally accustomed to satellite radio, which is already becoming more and more popular. Again, just like the local and terrestrial channels on television, you will still be able to enjoy AM/FM radio in the future, but as time goes on more and more households and drivers will be enjoying the benefits of satellite.

Whether you enjoy listening to the radio in the house or whether you like to have on some funky tunes as you drive, you will enjoy the ultimate in radio entertainment with satellite radio. You can enjoy all sorts of entertainment, from news and sports to music and talk radio. Just like regular radio, you can ring in and enter competitions or simply to express opinions. And the super quality available with satellite radio will ensure that you get to enjoy your favorite music and shows with minimal disruption and high definition sound.

The choice of subscription packages available from the two main satellite radio providers also makes it easy and affordable to enjoy satellite radio. Whether you want to pay on a monthly basis or whether you want to subscribe for one year or more, you can enjoy low prices. You can even subscribe for a lifetime with Sirius, and the longer you subscribe for the cheaper your subscription works out. So, high quality radio entertainment could cost even less than you imagine.

If you have had satellite or cable television in yo

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